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Polskie Towarzystwo Parazytologiczne


List Przewodniczącego Komitetu Organizacyjnego EMOP XII

Dear participants of the wonderful EMOP XI in Cluj,

I know that many of you recipients have already submitted an abstract to EMOP XII in Turku, but as a kind reminder to those who haven’t yet; please notice that abstract submission deadline is soon after Easter, March 31st.

In case you have not yet thought about what to present at EMOP XII, please do not hurry, just try to think fast, and start considering the Symposium in which you wish to present your research. The abstract submission website wants you to select one Symposium for you presentation. If none of the first 26 Symposia appears appropriate, your presentation perhaps fits into Symposium # 27 (Other). And remember, multiple presentations from an author are welcome.

Please, notice also the 1st International Parasite Film Festival. If you know of old parasitology film classics from your country, they are just what we are looking for.

Easter Season’s Greetings,

And Good Health, on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Antti Oksanen